PERT Chart

The new versions 4.2 of Gantt Chart Light Library for Silverlight™/WPF 4 and 4.1 of Project Management Library for WPF 4 include a new control: PertChartView (within the new DlhSoft.ProjectData.PertChart.LightWPF.Controls assembly).

PertChartView control may be used to display a simple PERT chart using items and dependencies that are either created in code behind or received as auto-generated based on data within existing GanttChartDataGrid and, respectively, GanttChartTaskListView control instances using their (also) new GetPertChartItems methods.

Alternatively, in specific custom scenarios, you may also use the static PertChartView.GetPertChartItems method to easily generate items for displaying as a PERT chart in your application based on custom activity items (that just need to support PertChartView.IActivity interface, or – when your activity type cannot be altered to support that interface directly – they could be wrapped within a new data object type implementing it and referring the original objects).

In all cases, when you have a large, multi-level activity hierarchy (using indentation values) you can pass a maxIndentation parameter to GetPertChartItems methods (by default it is unlimited). If you use zero, for example, only the root nodes of the hierarchy would be considered for displaying the PERT Chart.

Finally, end users would be able to manually drag and drop task event shapes on the screen to reposition them for a better view, or you, as a developer, could write code to do that by setting DisplayedRowIndex and DisplayedColumnIndex properties of PertChartItem (although they have “Index” suffix and are usually expected to be integer values, don’t worry, they are actually double values, so you can position items wherever you want, whenever you need).

Moreover, the critical path of the PERT chart (based only on activity effort values and the event dependencies) can be easily highlighted within the chart, and generally, you can manually apply custom appearance settings to all task event shapes and dependency lines in the chart from code behind.

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