HTML5 Gantt Chart improvements, including XML import/export

As previously announced, an important set of improvements for our GanttChartView and related controls for HTML5 and JavaScript® has just been released; some of the new features have also been forwarded to the ASP .NET and WinRT products, as appropriate:

  • Resizable grid columns (configurable): by default end users will be able to update grid column widths at runtime, using column header visual grippers;
  • Timeline scrolling upon grid row clicking enabled by default (configurable);
  • Mouse wheel based zoom for the chart area enabled by default (configurable);
  • Importing and exporting Gantt Chart items from/to Microsoft Project® XML content, with support for injecting custom code for XML element loading and saving.


Regarding the new XML data import support for JavaScript® applications, note that as developer you can request the actual XML content from any source and using any method, and then import the project and task data to the component with a single JavaScript call – ganttChartView.loadXml(xmlContent):

  • from a server (e.g. using a URL and XMLHttpRequest) if you build a multi-layer application (such as an ASP .NET MVC based single page application);
  • from the local computer (using specific APIs) if you build a local JavaScript® application leveraging the new HTML5 features (such as a Windows® Modern UI application with WinRT);
  • directly from the end user if you allow him or her to just paste in content into a text area (as shown in our sample application – screenshot above).

Finally, it’s also simple to export data back as an XML string – ganttChartView.getXml().


About DlhSoft Team

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