New JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular demos, and 30% discount for all licenses until August 31

If you want a HTML5 based Gantt or Schedule Chart you may haven’t noticed that in the last few months we added a complete suite of demo applications (adding multiple style themes as well) on our Web site, showing exactly what features the components have and how you can turn them on, using pure JavaScript, TypeScript language or AngularJS framework. Feel free to browse them all and let us know if you think there is anything missing or we can do something better for you regarding integrating our components into your apps.

Also note that the online product documentation has recently been updated and it’s not using better styles and more code snippets. And this is for other products too, just check Documentation links from our product pages.

You can also find a new hierarchical data WPF component available with the latest build of DlhSoft Hierarchical Data Light Library: OrganizationalChartView.

Separately, we have more good news again: until August 31, all our license prices receive unconditional 30% discount!

If you have any questions or need help for integrating our components into your application, don’t hesitate to contact DlhSoft Support – it’s 100% free and unlimited, even before purchasing a license!

About DlhSoft Team

DlhSoft is a software development company focused on building high quality and innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies for customers worldwide. Our activity includes designing and developing general purpose software applications, components and tools, and customized software solutions upon request. DlhSoft team is highly experienced and fully dedicated to software development. Additionally, one of the most important things we rely on is the continuous communication with the customer.
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