Support for calling more operations on GanttChartView component for UWP

We’ve just released a new Windows 10 UWP-based build for DlhSoft Gantt Chart Modern Library (WinMD). The package includes GanttChartView and ScheduleChartView components that, as before, reuse the JavaScript components from Gantt Chart Hyper Library internally, though an API available from all environments supported in WinRT development (.NET managed, C++, JavaScript), but this time we’ve opened up more integration between the JavaScript and outside worlds.

Specifically, at initialization time you can now set up JavaScript functions that define extended endpoints that the internal components can be accessed within, and then your application code can easily execute operations exposed by those endpoints.

GanttChartView.OperationsCode = @"
    function levelResources(dateExpression) { control.levelResources(false, eval(dateExpression)); }
    function optimizeWork() { control.optimizeWork(); }";
private void LevelResourcesButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    // Level resources starting at 10th day of current month.
    GanttChartView.ExecuteOperation("levelResources", string.Format("new Date({0}, {1}-1, {2})", year, month, 10));
private void OptimizeWorkButton_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

The full updated WinRT Gantt Chart view sample source code is available on GitHub.

About DlhSoft Team

DlhSoft is a software development company focused on building high quality and innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies for customers worldwide. Our activity includes designing and developing general purpose software applications, components and tools, and customized software solutions upon request. DlhSoft team is highly experienced and fully dedicated to software development. Additionally, one of the most important things we rely on is the continuous communication with the customer.
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