Visual Basic samples for Gantt Chart Light Library (WPF components)

An update for the previous post: we’ve recently converted (and adapted) all C# sample apps that we have for Gantt Chart Light Library to Visual Basic as well.

We encourage you to check their source code in our public git repo, and/or to see them in action on your own PC, by simply running our ClickOnce-deployed Demos app and selecting WPF-Visual Basic from the top-right technology selector.

(We know that many developers use Visual Basic, and we think it’s absolutely fine! Although the components themselves have been written in C#, we acknowledge that Visual Basic is a first class .NET language too, and there should be nothing from our side to stop you using it. Like any WPF component, our controls can be instantiated and accessed using any language that is supported by the .NET Framework itself.)

About DlhSoft Team

DlhSoft is a software development company focused on building high quality and innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies for customers worldwide. Our activity includes designing and developing general purpose software applications, components and tools, and customized software solutions upon request. DlhSoft team is highly experienced and fully dedicated to software development. Additionally, one of the most important things we rely on is the continuous communication with the customer.
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