Maintaining source code received upon purchasing a DlhSoft Plus license

When you purchase a Business Plus (or a Personal Plus) license for a DlhSoft framework you will receive the source code of the library as a zip file. Extract it to a folder, and you’re free to modify it before using the output in your own project, it’s that easy.

But what if you’d ever want to update the source code to a newest version? (Such as for free during the first year since the purchase, or by purchasing a renewal license later.)

This simple strategy can help you; it uses git, but you can use other source code control tools as well (just adapt the commands appropriately):

  1. Commit the original DlhSoft source code into a private local repo on your side, initialized in the folder where you extracted the zip.
    • Important: Do not expose the repo to any other third parties!
  2. Create and checkout a dev branch, customize the source code as needed, commit the changes, and reuse output in your own project(s).
  3. When you get an updated zip for the DlhSoft product source code, checkout the master branch and replace the files in there. Git should detect the changes and you can commit them as well (to record the differences) on the original branch.
  4. Merge master branch into dev (having the latter checked out again) to combine DlhSoft changes with your own and eventually be able to reuse the updated customized output in your project(s).
    • Repeat steps 3-4 later if they would become applicable again.
[received initial]
mkdir dlhsoft-source-code
cd dlhsoft-source-code
git init
git add .
git commit -m "v1"
git branch dev
git checkout dev
[update source code files]
git commit -m "Customizations"
[build source code and reuse customized output]
git checkout master
[extract over local files]
git add .
git commit -m "v2"
git checkout dev
git merge master
[build source code and reuse updated customized output]

About DlhSoft Team

DlhSoft is a software development company focused on building high quality and innovative solutions using state-of-the-art technologies for customers worldwide. Our activity includes designing and developing general purpose software applications, components and tools, and customized software solutions upon request. DlhSoft team is highly experienced and fully dedicated to software development. Additionally, one of the most important things we rely on is the continuous communication with the customer.
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