JavaScript-based Gantt charts: one core fits any backend/frontend combination

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Our browser-supported Gantt charts are here since a long time ago (actually, since 2012!) And as they have been written using pure JavaScript (having TypeScript definitions added later, though), they could be integrated into virtually any type of app that supported HTML5 output, during all this time.

Indeed, we have added AngularJS 1.3 extensions for them ourselves (again, years ago), and later – when Microsoft introduced WinRT 8 apps (later UWP) with support for JavaScript, besides .NET and C++ – we’ve created a separate library targeting that on top of our Web components too.

Of course, as with most JavaScript components, you could also integrate them with a backend server. We’ve done it in a native fashion for ASP .NET WebForms (again as a separate product that actually enclosed it), and also added extensions for MVC and .NET Core 2.1 later. But one can use the core library with data received from a REST API (such as an ASP .NET WebApi-based solution with SQL Server data store) without the need of anything else.

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 11.36.03.png

But we didn’t stop here. We’ve made sample apps showing how one can use the client side component when injected from PHP, and recently also Node.js and Python.

And on client side, you can see them bound in all three recently rising frameworks: Angular 8, React, and Vue. And of course, developers may write similar extensions themselves to integrate the components anywhere else, too.

(Some time ago we’ve also added themes – including dark mode – for our HTML5 components, to provide developers with fast styling support. But everything is optional and fully configurable, as you can see in the live demos from our Web site – sample apps with downloadable source code. With or without integrating them to other frameworks.)

So… one core product truly fits them all here! And while generally such an approach could be seen as dangerous, we think that we are safe while we stay within the HTML5 ecosystem. However, make sure you analyze everything well. For example, we don’t recommend you to use JavaScript for mobile development, or at least not if you want to build professional apps; UX dictates other rules there, possibly applying to desktop apps too, up to an extent. For macOS/iOS & Windows charting we do offer better alternatives!


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