Organizational Chart for WPF

If you looked at our Hierarchical Data Light Library before you noticed that it included a DataTreeGrid WPF control that combines DataGrid and TreeView built-in components of .NET Framework. Moreover, the data hierarchy doesn’t require you to define a tree of objects nor complex HierarchicalDataTemplate instances, but instead we support a simple Indentation property on item level to indicate the hierarchical structure of your data, and the component does the magic of interpreting it behind the scenes.

The same happens now with the brand new WPF 4.5 based OrganizationalChartView component: simply define your data as a flat item collection with indentation values, and we’ll create a tree-view like container displaying the nodes and allowing the end user to select, or expand and collapse them with simple mouse clicks or taps!


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Schedule Chart in LightSwitch desktop apps

There is no LightSwitch extension for ScheduleChartDataGrid component from Gantt Chart Light Library (as there is one for GanttChartDataGrid), but you can use the Silverlight component directly in LightSwitch by just writing some custom code to link it properly.

We’ve prepared a small sample application showing how one can set up ScheduleChartDataGrid component as Custom Control in a LightSwitch screen, binding to entities organized as resources (to be displayed as rows) and tasks (to be displayed as assignment bars in the Gantt Chart area).

Download it now: it includes full C# source code packaged as a Visual Studio 2013 LightSwitch desktop solution that you may adapt to your own needs.

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Office 365 Planner integration

Microsoft prepared a new Office 365 tool: Planner. Do you consider integrating it into your apps? If yes, how can DlhSoft help you the best? Maybe presenting Planner data with a DlhSoft Gantt Chart component?

Please respond to a very short survey (1 question only!) that will help us understand your future plans regarding this, and guide our next actions on component development side. Thank you in advance!

Update: We’ve also prepared a beta app to display Planner projects and tasks using a Gantt Chart. Check it out!

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New Demos for JavaScript Gantt Charts

We have recently added a new feature to our Web site, available at this time for Gantt Chart Hyper Library (that includes Gantt Chart components for JavaScript, TypeScript and AngularJS): a completely redesigned Demos app with a new layout allowing developers to easily select a technology, component, and feature they want presented, running the sample app inline and offering source code both to be viewed online and to be downloaded as a full .zip archive.

Each sample app supports a suite of themes that we have made available for developers as well, with full source code, using separate themes and templates script files that configure the components as needed – use them whenever you want!

Of course, we will develop and add even more samples in the same fashion there, as soon as possible!

GCHL Demos

GCHL Demos 2

And related to this, note that our Get Started documentation guides have also been redesigned for most DlhSoft products. Enjoy!

GCHL Documentation

GCHL Reference

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New look. More code.

We hope that the last month – that we used mostly to analyze, redesign, and publish more content on our Web site, restyling all pages and adding a lot more information and code samples available without any download – will be helpful for you, dear developers. We are sure that development will now be easier than ever.


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Angular Kanban – free!

As mentioned a few time ago, we have recently designed and developed a Kanban board component for AngularJS, described by the new Kanban Library product page on our Web site.

Note that we offer this product 100% free, both for personal and commercial uses, under the MIT license, to anyone who needs it! Find the project, its source code, and further information on GitHub (DlhSoftTeam/Angular-Kanban repository).

To use the board component in your Angular app, simply add the appropriate DlhSoft.KanbanLibrary package and bind the items attribute of the ds-kanban-board directive to your task array in the controller’s scope. Enjoy!

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Planning a new Kanban board Angular component

Hello! Long time no see. But don’t worry: we’re here, just busy. We have many projects in progress, both internal and for external customers.

One of the internal projects is going to make HTML5 developers happy: we’re currently working on a Kanban board component for AngularJS that is going to be 100% free and open source. We intend to make it behave as Visual Studio Online’s board, and its settings would be easily configurable at development time.

We’re going to also make it work together with our JavaScript based Gantt Chart component (as it also have an Angular extension). Stay tuned!

Update: The Kanban board component is now ready, get it from GitHub (DlhSoftTeam/Angular-Kanban repository).

In the meantime, we have a nice promotion (as almost always when a new year is around the corner): we offer 35% discount (!) when you purchase any DlhSoft product license, be it a new one, an update, or a renewal. Just order before January 15, 2016 and enjoy!

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